10 Tips for using WordPress on your Website

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Señalización wordpressWordPress is popular for many web designers and novices alike.  Why?  WordPress platform doesn’t require web site design experience.

There are many free and affordable themes to choose from.  Once you have a theme chosen, you are ready to add text.  The text tool bar is easy to use too.

Here are 10 tips for using WordPress on your website:

  1. Pick a simple theme that reflects your website’s purpose.
  2. Look for a theme that has a responsive site. This means that your website can be easily viewed on all resolutions. I.e. laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.
  3. Make your pages easy to read by having your font size be 14pxs.
  4. Keep your navigation simple so visitors to your site can easily move from one tab to another. Highlight the most important pages in your navigation bar. Less is better.
  5. Make sure your text is on white background. Text on dark backgrounds is difficult to read even when you change the font color.
  6. Use 2-3 columns at the most. The main column will be for your text and the other 1-2 sidebars for banners, archives, recent posts, calendar, email sign up, etc.
  7. Decide on a left or right sidebar when choosing 2-column themes.
  8. Most WordPress themes have a fixed layout that is difficult to change. The width of the template is important to consider.
  9. Don’t spend a lot of money on website design; there is no need. Most WordPress themes are free, unless you decide to pay for a premium theme.
  10. Remember, most reputable Web hosts offer WordPress hosting for a reason.
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