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Wordpress Today, WordPress is the foundation of almost seventy million websites. The platform is award winning and extremely popular. Users love the fact that the software is free and open-source.

These characteristics allow numerous web developers to formulate unique web themes, plug-in modules, and widgets for the exclusive customization of individual websites.

Add to this the user-friendly WordPress administrative tools, which enable people with no web development experience to create and design a website that will fulfill their need to present an impressive and professional website.

Web hostingDeciding on a WordPress hosting provider is a huge move, because your website foundation and service relies on the hosting company. 

A prerequisite of understanding WordPress hosting entails a basic knowledge of hosting on the Internet, since all websites are hosted and operated through the utilization of dedicated computers called servers.

There is such a huge public demand for WordPress that most reputable Web hosts offer WordPress hosting with pricing options that meet a range of budgets. An individual who only wants to operate a personal online blog may opt for a shared hosting plan, while large businesses frequently elect to lease one or more whole servers.

 A number of factors can be assessed in a comparison with other hosts, with the inclusion of all the following:

  1. It is essential for your WordPress host to guarantee no less than ninety-nine point nine percent website uptime. In addition, all pages need to load rapidly on all browsers.
  2. Accessing your control panel should be a simple process.
  3. There should be a variety of hosting packages that helps you get what you want and need.
  4. Use the comparison tools to compare one hosting company from another.
  5. It is advisable to do an extensive price comparison, since the price of Web hosting can vary broadly among diverse hosts.
  6. Your host needs to provide twenty-four hour per day availability via multiple channels, such as phone, email, and online chat to answer your questions and resolve hosting problems.

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