How to Choose a Domain Name for SEO

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Search Engine Optimization and Domain

SEO and DomainFor search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, many experts recommend registering a domain with keywords you want to be found for.

This used to be standard practice in order to rank in Google, Yahoo and MSN, but not anymore. Getting traffic from Google is a very complex task today. The domain name is not as big of a factor as it used to be when it comes to ranking a website.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t register a name that has the keywords you want to target, but don’t expect to rank well just because you choose a keyword-rich name. It’s not that you will be penalized; you just have to work harder now to earn a rank.

Today, it’s more about the big picture and Google looks at things like: your social media shares, links from other sites, your overall content, etc.

Some people prefer to go for a shorter domain that’s easier to remember — especially because so many “good” domains are taken these days.

So instead of registering a keyword-rich name like, you could register a made-up name like “Gizmo” referring to a small gadget or tool is short and catchy. A one word domain could fit on online ad, clothing, or business card easier than a long domain.

I still think however, that it’s a good idea to aim for the keywords you want to target. Descriptive names can have advantages. For example, it automatically tells the potential visitor what the site is about. There is no question what is all about.


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