10 Simple Steps for Creating a Website

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Steps for Creating a Website

This article is going to show you how to create a website in ten simple steps.

Figure Out What Type of Website You Want

How to Make a Website on Phone Shows Online StrategyThere are numerous website types to choose from. You can start a blog, an ecommerce site, or a simple small business website, just to name a few. It is your decision as to what type of site you need yet before you even begin creating the website you want. You have to know how you want the website to look in addition to what you are expecting to achieve from the website before you move forward to other steps.

Find a Website Builder

If you are a beginner, you could create a website without the assistance of a website builder yet using one will make the process easier. When you go with a website builder, you will find it is easy to create a beautiful website that looks like a professional made it in a short amount of time.

Select Your Domain Name

When choosing your domain name make sure that you do so wisely as it plays a large part in the success of your website and SEO. Depending on the website builder that you go with, they may want their name in your URL too, but this should not affect your SEO.

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Choose a Template

When you use a website builder, they will offer you the option of using a template. This will allow you to make your background color an imaging selection easier. The template is already designed for you so all you have to do is change the titles and texts, which greatly reduces the time that it takes you to create the website.

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Create Content

Once you have a template chosen and have followed the prior steps it is time to add in some content. You should add in important details and images too so when your first few visitors start rolling in there is something for them to see.

Test Your Website

After you have your content uploaded, you want to view your website as though you are a visitor. Make sure that all of your links work and there are no mistakes on any of your pages. Despite the fact that you designed your website yourself, you do not want it to appear this way to your customers.

Social Media Sharing Time

Let your friends and family know about your website via your social media channels.

Update Your Website

You have to make sure you update your website frequently so it does not fade from the search engines. It can be something as simple as a short blog post or even a picture, just make sure you are updating the website at least once per month.

Know Your Options

If you built your website with a website builder make sure you know all of the options available, such as how often customer support is available. Knowing the options you have will help you enhance your website even more.

Enjoy Your Website

Now that your website is created enjoy what you have done on your own. Do not sweat over your results yet because they will come with time as you find out what your target audience wants to see.

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