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 Guide to Building a Website

How to Make a Website on Phone Shows Online StrategyCreating a website can be a daunting task. Here is a guide that can clarify matters a little bit, and make creating your own website less of a chore.

The Domain Name

First, you will need to obtain a domain name. Generally, the fastest and easiest way to get a domain name is by paying an annual fee, up to $35, to a registrar. This will give you the rights to use that particular name. It is important to note that this is just a name, not a website.

The domain name is a memorable URL that people type into the web browser to get to your site. These are examples of easy to remember domain names:


Technically, you do not need a domain name to create a website. You can build a website using free hosting, or pay for a hosting plan without having a specified domain name. Your domain name just provides your business with additional branding for your website, and makes it easier for customers to remember the URL for your site.

Web Hosting

Next, you will need web hosting. This is where you will put your webpage. It is possible to create your website on your computer, but that is pretty much pointless, because then no one will ever see it. Which means, you need to find a website hosting provider.

This a company that has a series of computers and servers all connected to the Internet. So, when you put your website on the company computers, then the world with access to the internet will be able to see and interact with your site. The company requires you to sign up for an account and use the web host as the home for your website. Web Hosting $6.95

Be Sure To Plan Your Website

After you have a catchy domain name and your unique URL, then you can start planning out your website. Some important things that you need to decide are:

  1. What kind of website you want — whether you want to have an information/news site, a website for a product, or a reference webpage
  2. Layout and navigation — your navigation bar directs site visitors through the layout of your website. The majority of websites have a navigation bar along the edge of the page. This tool bar contains descriptive buttons that helps users navigate the entire site.
  3. Content — the text or information on the actual pages of your website

Construct Your Website

Then you need to construct your site. Creating your website requires time and effort, building it one page at a time, until it is a full-fledged site. The majority of webpage builders, free or commercial, offer tutorials to help you build pages. These tutorials will take you through all the steps you need to build a multi-page website, and then help you publish it. Site Builder

Promote Your Site

Once your site is published and available for all of your potential visitors, you need to promote it. The simplest way to promote your site is using search engine optimization (SEO). The goal with this is to have useful web content, so that it ranks highly in search engines, like Google. This is tricky, but these search engines rank sites based on user value and what individuals search for on the web.

There are other ways to promote your website, and they include:

  • Word of mouth
  • Advertising
  • Email

Always remember to include your URL on all of your professional correspondence, business cards, and any other time it seems appropriate.

Website Maintenance

Finally, website maintenance, probably the most boring part of having a website, is unavoidable. You have to perform routine maintenance on your webpage to keep it looking nice and running at top performance. It is also important that you test your website as you build it, and periodically after it has been published.

Since new devices are introduced to the market all the time, and browser companies are always upgrading their products, it is important that you continually work on you web development and content to make sure that you stay relevant in the ever changing world of technology. Remember, that the more content you generate and add to your site, the more web traffic you will receive.

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